Platform Guidelines

HLX (“HLX,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) wants our platform and website (collectively, the “Platform”) to be an authentic and safe place for individuals to connect with athletes and influencers. We have created these Platform Guidelines so you can help us foster this community. By using the Platform, you agree to these Platform Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

Platform Behavior

The following behaviors on our Platform are strictly prohibited:

  • • The creation of fake pages or fraudulent collection of money;
  • • The impersonation of others;
  • • Pranking;
  • • The use of another’s intellectual property or proprietary rights without permission;
  • • The posting or sharing of violent, graphic, sexual, sexually explicit, mature, defamatory or libelous content;
  • • The selling of any videos, images, or services;
  • • Bullying, harassment, threats, hate speech, or other harmful behavior or activities;
  • • Illegal activities;
  • • Spam or other unsolicited messages;
  • • Any other questionable or harmful activity we deem inappropriate or unfit for our Platform.


HLX monitors the content posted and shared on its Platform. If you are in violation of these Platform Guidelines, HLX has the right to terminate your account. We will determine in our sole discretion, on a case-by-case basis, whether certain actions constitute a violation of these Platform Guidelines as well as whether specific violations of these Platform Guidelines will result in the deactivation of an account or removal of specific content from the Platform. Additionally, HLX may, in certain circumstances, age-restrict certain content. HLX also reserves the right to review transaction disputes and potentially fraudulent chargebacks, and, as a part of this review, may prevent you from subscribing to or purchasing additional content while transaction disputes are being reviewed. HLX reserves the right to suspend or remove accounts due to fraudulent chargebacks.

If you see content on our Platform that you feel violates these Platform Guidelines, please take the time to report the violation by contacting us at A member of our team will review the report and if we determine our Platform Guidelines have been violated, we will contact the applicable user that posted the content to let them know that they are in violation. It is within our sole discretion whether to deactivate a particular user’s account or remove content from the Platform.